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Packages that use NSBundle A set of collections classes that are needed by the ui and web packages. 

Uses of NSBundle in

Methods in that return NSBundle
static NSBundle NSBundle.bundleForClass(java.lang.Class class1)
          Returns the bundle that contains the provided class, if any.
static NSBundle NSBundle.bundleForName(java.lang.String name)
          This method returns a bundle, either from cache, or if it doesn't exist yet, it attempts to look it up - first from the classpath, then from the resource path.
static NSBundle NSBundle.bundleWithPath(java.lang.String path)
          Deprecated. Apple's WebObjects says you should not load from arbitrary path.
static NSBundle NSBundle.bundleWithURL( url)
          Note:This method is only in Wotonomy.
protected static NSBundle NSBundle.findOrCreateBundleWithPath(java.lang.String s)
static NSBundle NSBundle.mainBundle()

Methods in with parameters of type NSBundle
static void NSBundle.setMainBundle(NSBundle aBundle)
          Used to set the "Main" application bundle, in which primary resources are loaded for GUI applications.

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