Uses of Interface

Packages that use EOKeyValueCoding
net.wotonomy.control Support classes needed by the ui and web packages. 

Uses of EOKeyValueCoding in net.wotonomy.control

Subinterfaces of EOKeyValueCoding in net.wotonomy.control
 interface EOEnterpriseObject
          EOEnterpriseObject defines the required methods a data object must implement to take full advantage of the control package.
 interface EOKeyValueCodingAdditions
          EOKeyValueCodingAdditions defines an interface for classes that need to have more control over the wotonomy's bulk property copying and cloning facilities.

Classes in net.wotonomy.control that implement EOKeyValueCoding
 class EOCustomObject
          EOCustomObject implements all the necessary interfaces to receive first-class treatment from the control framework.
 class EOGenericRecord
          EOGenericRecord extends EOCustomObject to provide a general-purpose implementation, relying entirely on the class description for entity-specific behavior, and storing data in a dictionary.

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