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Packages that use NSDictionary A set of collections classes that are needed by the ui and web packages. 

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Subclasses of NSDictionary in
 class NSMutableDictionary
          A pure java implementation of NSMutableDictionary that implements Map for greater java interoperability.

Fields in declared as NSDictionary
static NSDictionary NSDictionary.EmptyDictionary

Methods in that return NSDictionary
static NSDictionary NSTimeZone.abbreviationDictionary()
static NSDictionary NSPropertyListSerialization.dictionaryForString(java.lang.String s)
          Creates a NSDictionary instance from a string representation.
 NSDictionary NSBundle.infoDictionary()
 NSDictionary NSNotification.userInfo()
          Returns an NSDictionary that is a copy of the map containing application specific information relating to this notification, or null if no such data exists.
 NSDictionary NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.valuesForKeys(java.util.List aKeyList)
          Returns a Map of the specified keys to their values, each of which might be obtained by calling valueForKey.
static NSDictionary NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility.valuesForKeys(java.lang.Object object, java.util.List keys)
          Calls the appropriate method if the object implements NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, otherwise calls the method on DefaultImplementation.
static NSDictionary NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation.valuesForKeys(java.lang.Object object, java.util.List keys)
          Provides a reflection-based implementation for classes that don't implement NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.

Methods in with parameters of type NSDictionary
 boolean NSDictionary.isEqualToDictionary(NSDictionary aDictionary)
          Returns whether the specified dictionary has the same or equivalent key-value pairs as this dictionary.

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