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Packages that use NSLog.Logger A set of collections classes that are needed by the ui and web packages. 

Uses of NSLog.Logger in

Subclasses of NSLog.Logger in
static class NSLog.PrintStreamLogger
          The default implementation of Logger that writes to a Java PrintStream.

Fields in declared as NSLog.Logger
static NSLog.Logger NSLog.debug
          The logger to which debug statements should be conditionally written.
static NSLog.Logger NSLog.err
          The logger to which error messages should be written, which may not always be user-visible.
static NSLog.Logger NSLog.out
          The logger to which user-visible messages should be written.

Methods in with parameters of type NSLog.Logger
static void NSLog.setDebug(NSLog.Logger logger)
          Sets the current debug logger.
static void NSLog.setErr(NSLog.Logger logger)
          Sets the current error logger.
static void NSLog.setOut(NSLog.Logger logger)
          Sets the current output logger.

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