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Packages that use NSSelector A set of collections classes that are needed by the ui and web packages. 

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Methods in with parameters of type NSSelector
 void NSNotificationCenter.addObserver(java.lang.Object anObserver, NSSelector aSelector, java.lang.String notificationName, java.lang.Object anObject)
          Addes the specified observer to the notification queue for notifications with the specified name or the specified object or both.
 void NSRunLoop.cancelPerformSelectorWithOrder(NSSelector aSelector, java.lang.Object aTarget, java.lang.Object aParameter)
          Cancels the next scheduled invocation of the specified selector, target, and parameter.
 void NSRunLoop.performSelectorWithOrder(NSSelector aSelector, java.lang.Object aTarget, java.lang.Object aParameter, int anOrdering, java.util.List aModeList)
          Schedules the specified selector with the specified target and parameter to be invoked on the next event loop with the specified ordering.
 void NSMutableArray.sortUsingSelector(NSSelector aSelector)
          Sorts this array using the values from the specified selector.

Constructors in with parameters of type NSSelector
NSComparator._NSSelectorComparator(NSSelector nsselector)

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