Class Summary
Duplicator Duplicator makes use of Introspector to duplicate objects, either by shallow copy, deep copy, or by copying properties from one object to apply to another object.
Introspector This Introspector is a static utility class written to work around limitations in PropertyDescriptor and Introspector.

Of particular note are the get() and set() methods, which will attempt to get and set artibrary values on arbitrary objects to the best of its ability, converting values as appropriate.
NetworkClassLoader The correct name for this class should be URLClassLoader.
PropertyComparator A Comparator that will sort elements based on the property specified in the constructor.
PropertyListParser PropertyListParser can parse a property list (plist) file or string, and return the top-level object represented by the plist.
QueueMap A queue based implementation of the Map interface.
QueueMap.KeyValuePair This class contains a key/value pair.
URLResourceReader This implementation of URL Resource Reader assumes 2 types of base urls.
ValueConverter A utility class to convert objects to a desired class.

Exception Summary
IntrospectorException A WotonomyException that is thrown by Introspector.
MissingPropertyException A IntrospectorException that is thrown by Introspector when a property does not exist for an object.
NullPrimitiveException A IntrospectorException that is thrown by Introspector when trying to set a primitive type to null.
WotonomyException This is a simple RuntimeException that can encapsulate another throwable.

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