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Packages that use EOAdaptor

Uses of EOAdaptor in net.wotonomy.access

Fields in net.wotonomy.access declared as EOAdaptor
protected  EOAdaptor EOAdaptorContext._adaptor
protected  EOAdaptor EODatabase._adaptor
protected  EOAdaptor EOSQLExpressionFactory._adaptor

Methods in net.wotonomy.access that return EOAdaptor
 EOAdaptor EOAdaptorContext.adaptor()
 EOAdaptor EODatabase.adaptor()
 EOAdaptor EOSQLExpressionFactory.adaptor()
static EOAdaptor EOAdaptor.adaptorWithModel(EOModel model)
          Creates an adaptor with model's adaptorName and sets its connection dictionary to the model's connection dictionary.
static EOAdaptor EOAdaptor.adaptorWithName(java.lang.String name)
          Instantiates an adaptor of a concrete EOAdaptor subclass, based on name.

Constructors in net.wotonomy.access with parameters of type EOAdaptor
EOAdaptorContext(EOAdaptor adaptor)
EODatabase(EOAdaptor adaptor)
EOSQLExpressionFactory(EOAdaptor adaptor)

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