Class WODirectActionRequestHandler

  extended by net.wotonomy.web.WORequestHandler
      extended by net.wotonomy.web.WODirectActionRequestHandler

public class WODirectActionRequestHandler
extends WORequestHandler

An implementation of WORequestHandler that dispatches DirectActions.

See WODirectAction for the rules for parsing a request. In short, className defaults to "DirectAction", and the action defaults to "default". The action class is expected to have a constructor that takes a WORequest parameter.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 WOResponse handleRequest(WORequest aRequest)
          Dispatches the request and returns the response.
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Constructor Detail


public WODirectActionRequestHandler()
Method Detail


public WOResponse handleRequest(WORequest aRequest)
Description copied from class: WORequestHandler
Dispatches the request and returns the response.

Specified by:
handleRequest in class WORequestHandler

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