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Packages that use WOComponent
net.wotonomy.web An implementation of the WebObjects framework. 

Uses of WOComponent in net.wotonomy.web

Fields in net.wotonomy.web declared as WOComponent
protected  WOComponent WOComponent.parent

Methods in net.wotonomy.web that return WOComponent
 WOComponent WOContext.component()
          Returns the current component.
          Returns the current page.
 WOComponent WOComponent.pageWithName(java.lang.String aName)
          Returns a new WOComponent with the specified name.
 WOComponent WODirectAction.pageWithName(java.lang.String aString)
          Returns the named WOComponent.
 WOComponent WOApplication.pageWithName(java.lang.String aName, WOContext aContext)
          Called to retrieve a component for the specified context.
 WOComponent WOApplication.pageWithName(java.lang.String aName, WORequest aRequest)
          Returns the page component with the specified name.
 WOComponent WOComponent.parent()
          Returns this component's parent component, or null if none.
 WOComponent WOSession.restorePageForContextID(java.lang.String anID)
          Returns the page in the session's page cache corresponding to the specified context id.

Methods in net.wotonomy.web with parameters of type WOComponent
abstract  java.lang.String WOMailDelivery.composeComponentEmail(java.lang.String aSender, java.util.List aToList, java.util.List aCcList, java.lang.String aSubject, WOComponent aComponent, boolean sendImmediately)
protected  java.lang.Object WOInput.formattedValue(java.lang.Object value, WOComponent c)
          Formats a value as a date or number.
protected  void WOConditional.pullValuesFromParent(WOComponent c)
protected  void WOHyperlink.pullValuesFromParent(WOComponent c)
protected  void WORepetition.pullValuesFromParent(WOComponent c)
protected  void WORepetition.pushValuesToParent(WOComponent c)
 void WOSession.savePage(WOComponent aComponent)
          Puts this page in the session's page cache using the current context id as the key.
 void WOSession.savePageInPermanentCache(WOComponent aComponent)
          Puts this page in the special cache is will not get automatically flushed like the session page cache.
 void WOAssociation.setValue(java.lang.Object aValue, WOComponent aComponent)
          Sets the property in the specified component to the specified value.
 java.lang.Object WOAssociation.valueInComponent(WOComponent aComponent)
          Returns the value for this association's key path in the specified component, or null if any value in the path is null or if the key path is null.

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