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Packages that use WOCookie
net.wotonomy.web An implementation of the WebObjects framework. 

Uses of WOCookie in net.wotonomy.web

Methods in net.wotonomy.web that return WOCookie
static WOCookie WOCookie.cookieWithName(java.lang.String aName, java.lang.String aValue)
          Constructs a cookie with the specified name and value.
static WOCookie WOCookie.cookieWithName(java.lang.String aName, java.lang.String aValue, java.lang.String aPath, java.lang.String aDomain, expirationDate, boolean secure)
          Constructs a cookie with the specified attributes.

Methods in net.wotonomy.web with parameters of type WOCookie
 void WOMessage.addCookie(WOCookie aCookie)
          Adds the specified cookie to the response.
 void WOMessage.removeCookie(WOCookie aCookie)
          Removes the specified cookie from the response.

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