Class EOAndQualifier

  extended by net.wotonomy.control.EOQualifier
      extended by net.wotonomy.control.EOAndQualifier
All Implemented Interfaces:
EOKeyValueArchiving, EOQualifierEvaluation

public class EOAndQualifier
extends EOQualifier
implements EOKeyValueArchiving, EOQualifierEvaluation

EOAndQualifier contains other EOQualifiers, evaluating as true only if all of the contained qualifiers evaluate as true.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.wotonomy.control.EOQualifier
QualifierOperatorCaseInsensitiveLike, QualifierOperatorContains, QualifierOperatorEqual, QualifierOperatorGreaterThan, QualifierOperatorGreaterThanOrEqualTo, QualifierOperatorLessThan, QualifierOperatorLessThanOrEqualTo, QualifierOperatorLike, QualifierOperatorNotEqual
Constructor Summary
EOAndQualifier(java.util.List aQualifierList)
Method Summary
 void addQualifier(EOQualifier qualifier)
          Add a new qualifier to the list.
static java.lang.Object decodeWithKeyValueUnarchiver(EOKeyValueUnarchiver arch)
 void encodeWithKeyValueArchiver(EOKeyValueArchiver arch)
 boolean evaluateWithObject(java.lang.Object anObject)
          Evaluates this qualifier for the specified object, and returns whether the object is qualified. qualifiers()
          Returns a List of qualifiers contained by this qualifier.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Returns a string representation of this qualifier.
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.control.EOQualifier
addQualifierKeysToSet, allQualifierKeys, allQualifierOperators, bindingKeys, filterArrayWithQualifier, filteredArrayWithQualifier, keyPathForBindingKey, operatorSelectorForString, qualifierToMatchAllValues, qualifierToMatchAnyValue, qualifierWithBindings, qualifierWithQualifierFormat, relationalQualifierOperators, stringForOperatorSelector, validateKeysWithRootClassDescription
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public EOAndQualifier(java.util.List aQualifierList)
Method Detail


public qualifiers()
Returns a List of qualifiers contained by this qualifier.


public void addQualifier(EOQualifier qualifier)
Add a new qualifier to the list.


public boolean evaluateWithObject(java.lang.Object anObject)
Evaluates this qualifier for the specified object, and returns whether the object is qualified. selector() is invoked on the value for key() on the specified object, with value() as the parameter. Note: this has the lazy "and" implementation. Ex. Qal1 and Qal2. If the Qal1 is evaluated to be false, then it returns false without evaluating Qa12.

Specified by:
evaluateWithObject in interface EOQualifierEvaluation
evaluateWithObject in class EOQualifier


public java.lang.String toString()
Returns a string representation of this qualifier.

toString in class EOQualifier


public static java.lang.Object decodeWithKeyValueUnarchiver(EOKeyValueUnarchiver arch)


public void encodeWithKeyValueArchiver(EOKeyValueArchiver arch)
Specified by:
encodeWithKeyValueArchiver in interface EOKeyValueArchiving

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