Package net.wotonomy.control

Support classes needed by the ui and web packages.


Interface Summary
EODeferredFaulting EODeferredFaulting defines a method to handle relationships that are deferred faults.
EOEditingContext.Delegate Used by EditingContext to delegate behavior to another class.
EOEditingContext.Editor Editors register themselves with the editing context so that they may receive notification before the context commits changes.
EOEditingContext.MessageHandler Used by EditingContext to delegate messaging handling to another class, typically the display group that has the currently active association.
EOEnterpriseObject EOEnterpriseObject defines the required methods a data object must implement to take full advantage of the control package.
EOFaulting EOFaulting defines the requirements for objects that can be faulted by an EOFaultManager.
EOKeyValueArchiving Remember that this method is also part of the interface: public static Object decodeWithKeyValueUnarchiver(EOKeyValueUnarchiver unarchiver)
EOKeyValueCoding EOKeyValueCoding defines an interface for classes that need to have more control over the wotonomy's property introspection facilities.
EOKeyValueCodingAdditions EOKeyValueCodingAdditions defines an interface for classes that need to have more control over the wotonomy's bulk property copying and cloning facilities.
EOObserving A pure java implementation of EOObserving.
EOQualifierEvaluation EOQualifiers that want to perform in-memory evaluation should implement this interface.
EORelationshipManipulation EORelationshipManipulation provides methods for generically adding and removing relationships between objects, handling both one-way and reciprocal relationships.
EOValidation EOValidation provides methods for validating a operation on an object as a whole, rather than on an individual property.

Class Summary
AbstractObjectStore An abstract implementation of object store that implements common functionality.
ArrayFault A class that extends NSArray to intercept any accessor calls in order to defer loading until the last possible moment.

Because ArrayFault inherits from NSArray which implements List which implements Collection, data objects may declare their relationships to be of type NSArray, List, or Collection.

This class should be returned by implementations of EOObjectStore.arrayFaultForSourceGlobalID().
ChildDataSource A data source that automates the process of creating a child editing context and copying objects from a parent context into it.
EditingContext EditingContext provides transactional support for fetching, editing, and committing changes made on a collection of objects to a parent object store.
EOAndQualifier EOAndQualifier contains other EOQualifiers, evaluating as true only if all of the contained qualifiers evaluate as true.
EOClassDescription EOClassDescription provides meta-information about a class and is used to customize certain behaviors within wotonomy and specifically within editing contexts and object stores.
EOCooperatingObjectStore A representation of a channel of communication to the database.
EOCustomObject EOCustomObject implements all the necessary interfaces to receive first-class treatment from the control framework.
EODatabaseDataSource EODatabaseSource is a general-purpose implementation of EODataSource that is EOClassDescription-aware and that can vend appropriate EODetailDataSources.
EODataSource EODataSource is used by EODisplayGroup.fetch() to retrieve a list of objects to display.
EODelayedObserver This is an abstract class for receiving coalesced notifications of changes from objects.
EODelayedObserverQueue EODelayedObserverQueue allows EODelayedObservers to receive only one subjectChanged() message after numerous willChange() messages have been sent.
EOEditingContext EOEditingContext provides transactional support for fetching, editing, and committing changes made on a collection of objects to a parent object store.
EOFaultHandler EOFaultHandler defines the contract for objects that can create and populate faults.
EOFetchSpecification EOFetchSpecification defines the parameters used to request objects from an EOObjectStore.
EOGenericRecord EOGenericRecord extends EOCustomObject to provide a general-purpose implementation, relying entirely on the class description for entity-specific behavior, and storing data in a dictionary.
EOGlobalID A pure java implementation of EOGlobalID.
EOKeyGlobalID The model object which represents the mapping between database fields and object properties, lists available entities, lists connection dictionaries, and has fetch specifications.
EOKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation Provides a reflection-based implementation for classes that don't implement NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.
EOKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility Static utilities methods that call the appropriate method if the object implements NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, otherwise calls the method on DefaultImplementation.
EOKeyValueCodingSupport EOKeyValueCodingSupport defines default behavior for classes implementing EOKeyValueSupport.
EOKeyValueQualifier EOKeyValueQualifier performs a property-based comparison against a specified value.
EOKeyValueUnarchiver Creates objects from dictionaries that were created with EOKeyValueArchiver.
EONotQualifier EONotQualifiier negates a specified qualifier, evaluating to the opposite of the specified qualifier.
EONullValue EONullValue is used to represent null in Collections classes because List and Map do not specify whether null values are allowed and because NSArray and NSDictionary explicitly do not allow null values.
EOObjectStore EOObjectStore defines an object repository that tracks object creations, deletions, and updates made by EOEditingContexts.
EOObjectStoreCoordinator A representation of a channel of communication to the database.
EOObserverCenter EOObserverCenter is a static singleton-like class that manages EOObservings that want to be notified of changes to those objects that call notifyObserversObjectWillChange() before their properties change.
EOObserverProxy A convenience observer for objects that do not or cannot subclass EODelayedObserver.
EOOrQualifier EOOrQualifier contains other EOQualifiers, evaluating as true if any of the contained qualifiers evaluate as true.
EOQualifier EOQualifiers are used to perform property-based qualifications on objects: for a set of criteria, a qualifier either qualifies or disqualifies an given object.
EOSortOrdering EOSortOrdering defines a sort key and operation.
EOTemporaryGlobalID EOTemporaryGlobalID is a network-wide unique key.
KeyValueCodingUtilities KeyValueCodingUtilities implements what EOKeyValueCodingSupport leaves out.
OrderedDataSource A simple extension of EODataSource that allows for indexed insertion.
PropertyDataSource A data source that reads and writes to an indexed property of a java object.

Package net.wotonomy.control Description

Support classes needed by the ui and web packages. This package roughly corresponds to the eocontrol package.

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