Class OrderedDataSource

  extended by net.wotonomy.control.EODataSource
      extended by net.wotonomy.control.OrderedDataSource
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public abstract class OrderedDataSource
extends EODataSource

A simple extension of EODataSource that allows for indexed insertion. The wotonomy implementation of EODisplayGroup supports this and will use it if possible. This is useful for classes like the PropertyDataSource, where the ordering of items in an indexed property may be important.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void insertObjectAtIndex(java.lang.Object anObject, int anIndex)
          Inserts the specified object into this data source, at the specified index.
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Constructor Detail


public OrderedDataSource()
Method Detail


public abstract void insertObjectAtIndex(java.lang.Object anObject,
                                         int anIndex)
Inserts the specified object into this data source, at the specified index.

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