Interface EOKeyValueCodingAdditions

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EOCustomObject, EOGenericRecord

public interface EOKeyValueCodingAdditions
extends EOKeyValueCoding,

EOKeyValueCodingAdditions defines an interface for classes that need to have more control over the wotonomy's bulk property copying and cloning facilities.

$Revision: 894 $
Author:, $Author: cgruber $

Nested Class Summary
static class EOKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation
          Provides a reflection-based implementation for classes that don't implement NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.
static class EOKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility
          Static utilities methods that call the appropriate method if the object implements NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, otherwise calls the method on DefaultImplementation.
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Methods inherited from interface net.wotonomy.control.EOKeyValueCoding
handleQueryWithUnboundKey, handleTakeValueForUnboundKey, storedValueForKey, takeStoredValueForKey, takeValueForKey, unableToSetNullForKey, valueForKey
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takeValueForKeyPath, takeValuesFromDictionary, valueForKeyPath, valuesForKeys

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