Uses of Class

Packages that use EOFaultHandler
net.wotonomy.control Support classes needed by the ui and web packages. 

Uses of EOFaultHandler in net.wotonomy.access

Subclasses of EOFaultHandler in net.wotonomy.access
 class EOAccessArrayFaultHandler
          A fault handler for to-many relationships.
 class EOAccessFaultHandler
          A fault handler for single objects.
 class EOAccessGenericFaultHandler
          A generic fault handler for EOAccess.

Uses of EOFaultHandler in net.wotonomy.control

Methods in net.wotonomy.control that return EOFaultHandler
 EOFaultHandler EOCustomObject.faultHandler()
          Returns this object's EOFaultHandler.
 EOFaultHandler EOFaulting.faultHandler()
          Returns this object's EOFaultHandler.
static EOFaultHandler EOFaultHandler.handlerForFault(java.lang.Object obj)

Methods in net.wotonomy.control with parameters of type EOFaultHandler
static void EOFaultHandler.makeObjectIntoFault(java.lang.Object obj, EOFaultHandler handler)
 void EOCustomObject.turnIntoFault(EOFaultHandler aFaultHandler)
          Turns this object into a fault using the specified fault handler.
 void EOFaulting.turnIntoFault(EOFaultHandler aFaultHandler)
          Turns this object into a fault using the specified fault handler.

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