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net.wotonomy.ui.swing Contains associations designed for use with the Swing framework. 

Uses of DisplayGroupNode in net.wotonomy.ui.swing

Subclasses of DisplayGroupNode in net.wotonomy.ui.swing
 class MutableDisplayGroupNode
          A DisplayGroupNode that exposes the MutableTreeNode interface.

Methods in net.wotonomy.ui.swing that return DisplayGroupNode
 DisplayGroupNode TreeModelAssociation.createNode(net.wotonomy.ui.EODisplayGroup aParentGroup, java.lang.Object anObject)
          Creates and returns a new display group node.
 DisplayGroupNode DisplayGroupNode.getChildNodeAt(int anIndex)
          Returns the child node that corresponds to the specified index, creating it if necessary.
protected  DisplayGroupNode DisplayGroupNode.getChildNodeForObject(java.lang.Object anObject)
          Returns a child node that corresponds to the specified object, returning null if not found.
 DisplayGroupNode DisplayGroupNode.getParentGroup()
          Returns the parent display group, or null if parent is root.

Methods in net.wotonomy.ui.swing with parameters of type DisplayGroupNode
 int DisplayGroupNode.getIndex(DisplayGroupNode node)
 void DisplayGroupNode.insert(DisplayGroupNode aChild, int anIndex)
 void DisplayGroupNode.remove(DisplayGroupNode node)
          Removes the node at the index corresponding to the index of the object.
 void DisplayGroupNode.setParent(DisplayGroupNode newParent)
          Removes our object from the parent display group and adds it to the end of the specified node's children.

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