Package net.wotonomy.ui.swing.components

Contains various and useful Swing components.


Class Summary
AbsoluteLayout AbsoluteLayout specifies that all components in the container will be placed according to their size and their location relative to the container's origin.
AlphaTextField AlphaTextField is a "smart" text field that restricts the user's input.
AlternatingRowCellRenderer A TableCellRenderer that wraps another TableCellRenderer and sets the background to the specified color for odd-numbered rows.
BetterFlowLayout BetterFlowLayout works just like FlowLayout, except that you can specify a vertical orientation in addition to the usual horizontal orientations.
BetterRootLayout A custom layout for a JRootPane that handles the the layout of a JRootPane's layeredPane, glassPane, and menuBar, and in addition handles four decorative components arranged in a border layout.
BetterTableUI BetterTableUI allows a JTable to be disabled by listening for MouseEvents and then forwarding them to the usual MouseInputHandler only if the table is enabled.
ButtonPanel ButtonPanel handles display and event broadcasting of standard buttons like OK/Cancel/Save/etc.
CheckButtonPanel CheckButtonPanel is a simple extension of ButtonPanel.
ColorCellRenderer A TableCellRenderer that renders colors.
ComboBoxCellRenderer A TableCellRenderer that paints a JComboBox.
DateTextField DateTextField is a "smart" text field that restricts the user's input.
FormattedCellRenderer A cell renderer for dealing with formatted content.
IconCellRenderer A cell renderer that displays icons in addition to text, and additionally is an editor in case you want to click the icon to trigger some kind of action.
ImagePanel A JPanel that renders an image, tiling as necessary to fill the panel.
InfoPanel InfoPanel uses labels and textfields (or any other component - see below) to display a list of keys and values in a well-aligned and consistent manner, conforming to alignment and pixel spacing in the java look and feel design guidelines.
KeyableCellEditor A table cell editor customized for keyboard navigation, much like working with a spreadsheet.
KeyDelayTimer KeyDelayTimer is a utility that listens for KeyEvents from one or more components.
LineWrappingRenderer A list cell renderer that wraps its text to subsequent lines depending on the length of text string and the width of the parent list.
MultiLineLabel A custom JTextArea that looks and feels like a JLabel, but supports line wrapping.
NumericTextField NumericTextField is a "smart" text field that restricts the user's input.
PropertyEditorTable PropertyEditorTable is a table designed to display and edit the properties of an object.
PropertyEditorTableModel PropertyEditorTableModel introspects an object to facilitate editing it in a PropertyTable.
RadioButtonPanel RadioButtonPanel is a simple extension of ButtonPanel.
SmartPasswordField SmartPasswordField is an extention of JPasswordField.
SmartTextField SmartTextField is an abstract class for that allows the text field to intelligently analyze the user's input in real-time.
StatusButtonPanel StatusButtonPanel extends ButtonPanel to provide a space to display status messages in a consistent manner.

Messages are erased after a certain predefined interval, defaulting to 10 seconds.
TintedImageFilter TintedImageFilter tints all gray pixels half-way towards the value passed into the constructor.
TreeChooser TreeChooser is a FileChooser-like panel that uses a TreeModel as a data source.
TreeTableCellRenderer A TableCellRenderer that paints a portion of a JTree.

Package net.wotonomy.ui.swing.components Description

Contains various and useful Swing components. These can be used in conjunction with the ui framework, however, there are no dependencies and all of these components can be used independently of the rest of the framework.

Of note are the ButtonPanel classes, which automate the placement and layout of buttons in a manner consistent with the Java Look and Feel guidelines. This uses the BetterFlowLayout which is another useful class.

Also of note is the InfoPanel, which automates the placement and layout of labeled fields on a panel.

And the various cell renderer and editor components can be useful as well.

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