Class WOActionURL

  extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOElement
      extended by net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
          extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOHyperlink
              extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOActionURL
All Implemented Interfaces:, WOActionResults

public class WOActionURL
extends WOHyperlink

This dynamic element renders only the URL of a hyperlink. Bindings are:

The href, pageName and directActionName/actionClass and name properties are mutually exclusive and you should only use at most one of them simultaneously.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WOHyperlink
action, actionClass, anchorName, directActionName, escapeHTML, href, pageName, ref, string
Fields inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
associations, name, rootElement
Constructor Summary
WOActionURL(java.lang.String n, m, WOElement t)
Method Summary
 void appendToResponse(WOResponse r, WOContext c)
          This method is called on all elements of the content tree to build a response to a user request.
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WOHyperlink
actionClass, actionURL, anchorName, directActionName, escapeHTML, href, invokeAction, pageName, pullValuesFromParent, setActionClass, setAnchorName, setDirectActionName, setEscapeHTML, setHref, setPageName, setString, string, takeValuesFromRequest
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public WOActionURL()


public WOActionURL(java.lang.String n,
                   WOElement t)
Method Detail


public void appendToResponse(WOResponse r,
                             WOContext c)
Description copied from class: WODynamicElement
This method is called on all elements of the content tree to build a response to a user request. The message should be forwarded to any child elements so that the entire tree is traversed. This implementation does nothing.

appendToResponse in class WOHyperlink

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