Interface WOActionResults

All Known Implementing Classes:
WOActionURL, WOActiveImage, WOBody, WOCheckBox, WOComponent, WOComponentContent, WOConditional, WODynamicElement, WOElement, WOForm, WOFrame, WOGenericContainer, WOGenericElement, WOHiddenField, WOHyperlink, WOImage, WOImageButton, WOInput, WOPasswordField, WOPopUpButton, WORadioButton, WORepetition, WORequest, WOResetButton, WOResourceURL, WOResponse, WOString, WOSubmitButton, WOSwitchComponent, WOText, WOTextField

public interface WOActionResults

An interface defining the results of a DirectAction. Implemented by both WOResponse and WOComponent so both can be returned from a DirectAction.

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Method Summary
 WOResponse generateResponse()
          Returns a response object as appropriate for the target.

Method Detail


WOResponse generateResponse()
Returns a response object as appropriate for the target.

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