Class WOHiddenField

  extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOElement
      extended by net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
          extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOInput
              extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOTextField
                  extended by net.wotonomy.web.WOHiddenField
All Implemented Interfaces:, WOActionResults

public class WOHiddenField
extends WOTextField

Used to dynamically generate a hidden field within a form.

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Author:, $Author: cgruber $
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
associations, name, rootElement
Constructor Summary
WOHiddenField(java.lang.String n, m, WOElement t)
Method Summary
 void takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest r, WOContext c)
          This method is called to retrieve user-entered data from the request.
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WOTextField
additionalAttributes, inputType, value
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WOInput
appendExtras, appendToResponse, disabled, formattedValue, inputName
Methods inherited from class net.wotonomy.web.WODynamicElement
generateResponse, invokeAction
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public WOHiddenField()


public WOHiddenField(java.lang.String n,
                     WOElement t)
Method Detail


public void takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest r,
                                  WOContext c)
Description copied from class: WODynamicElement
This method is called to retrieve user-entered data from the request. WOElements should retrieve data from the request based on their elementID and set values in the context's current WOComponent, typically those values that are associated with the element in the binding. This implementation does nothing.

takeValuesFromRequest in class WOInput

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