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Packages that use WOActionResults
net.wotonomy.web An implementation of the WebObjects framework. 

Uses of WOActionResults in net.wotonomy.web

Classes in net.wotonomy.web that implement WOActionResults
 class WOActionURL
          This dynamic element renders only the URL of a hyperlink.
 class WOActiveImage
          WOActiveImage renders a dynamically generated IMG tag, enclosed in a hyperlink.
 class WOBody
          WOBody represents a page's "body" tag and is used to dynamically set the background image for a page, and therefore works much like WOImage.
 class WOCheckBox
 class WOComponent
          Pure java implementation of WOComponent.
 class WOComponentContent
          Used to include a component's content inside another component.
 class WOConditional
          WOConditional renders whatever is inside its opening and closing tags only if a condition is met.
 class WODynamicElement
          The base class for dynamic WOElements.
 class WOElement
          This class represents a static or dynamic portion of the content returned to a request.
 class WOForm
          Implements a FORM element with dynamic bindings.
 class WOFrame
 class WOGenericContainer
          Used to dynamically generate HTML containers (elements with opening and closing tags and something in between).
 class WOGenericElement
          Used to generate any HTML element dynamically.
 class WOHiddenField
          Used to dynamically generate a hidden field within a form.
 class WOHyperlink
          WOHyperlink renders a dynamically generated hyperlink in the output.
 class WOImage
          WOImage renders a dynamically generated IMG tag.
 class WOImageButton
          WOImageButton renders a dynamically generated IMG tag or an INPUT tag, depending on whether the element is inside a WOForm (in which case an INPUT of type IMAGE is generated) or not (in which case the equivalent of a WOActiveImage) Bindings are: src: A static URL for the image source. data: A NSData object with the image content.
 class WOInput
 class WOPasswordField
 class WOPopUpButton
 class WORadioButton
 class WORepetition
 class WORequest
          A pure java implementation of WORequest.
 class WOResetButton
          Implements a reset button with dynamic bindings.
 class WOResourceURL
 class WOResponse
          A pure java implementation of WOResponse.
 class WOString
          WOString renders a dynamically generated string in the output.
 class WOSubmitButton
          Implements a submit button with dynamic bindings.
 class WOSwitchComponent
 class WOText
          Implements a TEXTAREA element, with dynamic bindings.
 class WOTextField
          Implements an INPUT tag of type TEXT, with dynamic bindings.

Methods in net.wotonomy.web that return WOActionResults
 WOActionResults WODirectAction.defaultAction()
          Returns the response from the component named "Main".
 WOActionResults WOActiveImage.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOApplication.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Invoked to start the second phase of the request-response cycle, after all calls to takeValuesFromRequest have finished.
 WOActionResults WOBody.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 WOActionResults WOComponent.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 WOActionResults WOConditional.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
 WOActionResults WODynamicElement.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          This method is called on all objects and elements of the application until a non-null value is returned.
 WOActionResults WOElement.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          This method is called on all objects and elements of the application until a non-null value is returned.
 WOActionResults WOForm.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOGenericContainer.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOGenericElement.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOHyperlink.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOImage.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WORepetition.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOSession.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)
          Invoked by the Application to determine which component is the intended recipient of the user's action.
 WOActionResults WOSubmitButton.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WOSwitchComponent.invokeAction(WORequest r, WOContext c)
 WOActionResults WODirectAction.performActionNamed(java.lang.String anAction)
          Appends "Action" to the specified string and tries to invoke method with that name and no arguments.
 WOActionResults WOComponent.performParentAction(java.lang.String anAction)
          Invokes the specified action on this component's parent.

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