Uses of Package

Packages that use net.wotonomy.ui.swing
net.wotonomy.ui.swing Contains associations designed for use with the Swing framework. 

Classes in net.wotonomy.ui.swing used by net.wotonomy.ui.swing
          ActionAssociation binds any ActionEvent broadcaster (typically Buttons and the like) to a display group.
          DisplayGroupNodes are used as nodes in the TreeModelAssociation's implementation of TreeModel, and is tightly coupled with TreeModelAssociation and MasterDetailAssociation.
          TableAssociation binds one or more TableColumnAssociations to a display group.
          TableColumnAssociation binds a column of a JTable to a property of the elements of a display group.
          TreeModelAssociation binds a JTree or similar component that uses a TreeModel to a display group's list of displayable objects, each of which may have a list of child objects managed by another display group, and so on.

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